Welcome to the Zoshe Website. Zoshe was created to hopefully make the world a better place during my life time, which I hope to achieve with various projects and businesses. Please feel free to contact Zoshe.


Zoshe Bikes: Used Bikes and more.


Zoshe Software : Accessibility technologies for using personal computers(PCs) has improved greatly. Programs like Apple's VoiceOver or Jaws screen reader, R just amazing technologies. Unfortunately, they don't work well accessing most websites or web based programs. It's a big problem, and it doesn't matter if you're using Windows, Mac, or a Linux PC. It's a issue that affects all PCs. To understand why, here is a video link to http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=955300 which helps explain many of the issues. If U listen long enough to this video, U will learn about the urgent need for content and website creation tools to help fix these issues. These urgently needed content and website creation tools, R what I'm currently working on, and will make available when finished. The first of them will show up in Web Authoring Programs as built-in-tools to automatically create accessible websites. This will allow Computers running accessibility technologies like Jaws screen reader, to improve their access to use and read any website built with these tools.
Zoshe Transformative: I truly believe transformative medicine is here, and the possibilities of it's benefits could be here much faster then previously thought. One problem slowing this process down, is a standard way of creating, organizing and understanding it. A way which realizes that old patterns or ways of perceiving are no longer relevant, which moves to adopt or establish new ways, and finally, integrates old and new patterns is needed. I believe the best way to achieve this, is to create some sort of website format for transformative medicine. It will be free, and run strictly with the help of volunteers. Here is a rough look at what a webpage might need to contain.

Links to good causes:

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Probably one of the best Foundation ever created.

Easter Seal Disability Services They help out people living with autism and disabilities in many various wonderful ways. Their recreation program is just awesome.

Camp for Children of Chernobyl Please check it out. It's a wonderful cause, that is helping and caring for kids of the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster.

ArtWorks These people R totally Rockin with helping kids. So get involved.